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The most common disease of the prostate gland is its inflammation- prostatitis. Sensitivity is usually seen in men between the ages of 20 and 50. The older the man, the greater the risk of morbidity.

Prostatitis occurs in an acute or chronic form, is often difficult to diagnose, and can lead to persistent prostatic dysfunction. The most serious consequences of prostatitis are infertility and prostate cancer. Around half of men worldwide suffer from chronic prostatitis. These problems can be solved with the Deluron natural supplementcapsules based on natural prostate extracts.

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Opinions – doctors’ opinion, recommendations, clinical studies and results

Deluron has a universal spectrum of action, and this has been confirmed by clinical studies. Doctors found during the study that the product is effective against inflammatory foci and can restore potency. here are the results of the clinical study conducted by specialists:

  • eliminates the pain that often occurs in prostatitis, cystitis, adenoma, urethritis, improves the process of formation and excretion of urine;
  • has pronounced anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and analgesic properties;
  • provides protection against the formation of cancerous tumors;
  • it is a hypoallergenic agent with a natural composition;
  • it has a prolonged effect and provides protection against relapse and this was demonstrated at the end of the study.

Due to its high safety and efficacy, the drug gained the trust of doctors and volunteers who wanted to try the product.

Prospectus – side effects, methods of use, ingredients, contraindications

Damage to the prostate is often seen in middle-aged and older men. Diagnosing prostatitis seems rather unpleasant, but with proper medical support, like Deluronyou can cope with the disease.

The remedy will have a beneficial effect on the prostate as soon as it is included in the treatment process. Such a broad and inherent coverage of prostatitis capsules eliminates any negative consequences. And if you rely on the possibility and delay of treatment, there is a high probability that you will become impotent or face malignant tumors.

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The prostate gland is very vulnerable, so it is necessary to treat problems with great responsibility. Not to experiment other drugswasting precious time, it is better to choose a reliable option right away.

A promising product that will not disappoint you, because it has a number of obvious advantages. The main advantages of the Deluron prostatitis capsules are:

  • They can be widely used – the capsules can be taken at any age.
  • They are completely harmless – the body will not be affected by the treatment of prostatitis.
  • Gives a quick recovery time: in just one week, all painful symptoms disappear.
  • It has a lasting effect: after the end of the treatment the symptoms of the disease will not return.

The health benefits are obvious. In general, symptoms of prostatitis they will disappear, you will become more energetic, fatigue will disappear, energy for regular sex, sports and other activities will appear.

Beneficial effects

  • Suitable not only for recovery but also for prevention;
  • It can be used by men of different ages;
  • The therapeutic result obtained is of a prolonged nature, which means that a man no longer has to worry about the recurrence of prostatitis;
  • Instantly stops inflammation and eliminates unpleasant and unpleasant sensations;
  • Normalizes the activity of the genitourinary system and reduces the number of hygienic needs;
  • Eliminates poisonous toxins from the body and destroys pathogenic microflora;
  • Boost power and makes a man sexually active;
  • Increases sexual intercourse and improves erection;
  • Saturates the prostate cells with vitamins and nutrients;
  • Prevents the development of serious complications that often occur in advanced prostatitis;
  • Positive effect on the functioning of the endocrine and immune systems.


  • Zinc. It plays an active role in the production of the most important hormone – testosterone and also regulates the overall hormonal balance. It improves reproductive capabilities, participates in the maturation of spermatozoa and has a positive effect on fertility. In addition, it ensures tissue regeneration, strengthens bones and teeth, heals the mucous membranes and the integrity of the skin.
  • lycopene. Lycopene is important for maintaining libido and sexual activity. It well affects the resistance of the vascular walls, heals the heart, improves blood flow to the pelvic organs and eliminates congestion.
  • Palmetto fruit extract. Non-hormonal regulator of the genital area, powerful aphrodisiac. The increase in testosterone also inhibits the activity of the enzyme, which converts this hormone into dihydrotestosterone. Qualitatively affects all aspects of potency.
  • Nettle extract. It protects the genitourinary sphere from infections, effectively fights viruses, bacteria and fungi. Compensates for the lack of micro and macro elements, phytonides, flavonoids, vitamins B, C, P and organic acids. Stops bleeding, heals wounds on the mucous membrane, strengthens the vascular walls.
  • Cranberry extract. It gives a mild diuretic effect, particularly useful for prostatitis. Normalizes diuresis, improves urine flow, has a good effect on the excretion of bile. It reduces the frequency of false urination and facilitates bladder emptying.
  • Blueberry bark extract . The bark extract of this tree contains many phytosterols which have decongestant and anti-inflammatory effects on the prostate tissue. It also inhibits the growth of adhesions, reduces functional disorders, increases libido. Restores hormonal balance, has an antiproliferative effect.
  • Pumpkin extract. It contains a lot of potassium, which is good for the heart, as well as B vitamins, beta-carotene, nicotinic acid and minerals. Removes excess water, has a beneficial effect on digestion, protects against plaque cholesterol and strengthens the immune system.
  • Gotu Kola Extract. Improves the state of the nervous system, calms, protects from overloads and stress, relieves anxiety. It stimulates brain activity, treats genitourinary infections, strengthens blood vessels, is indispensable in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Method of administration

  • Take 2 capsules a day in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.
  • They are taken on an empty stomach or at least half an hour before a meal, with a small amount of plain water or another beverage.
  • It can be combined with alcohol, other drugs, it is not necessary to follow a diet.
  • The treatment lasts 1 month.

Forum – user comments and advice

Sui online forum, Deluron received only words of praise, because the product really made an impact. Anyone who has been suffering from prostatitis for a long time and is experiencing pain caused by the disease claims that the product has brought them relief.

Sort DELURON directly from the manufacturer’s official website at a promotional price reduced by 50%. Click here for more details

The pain subsided, the inflammation was reduced, sex was resumed. Therefore, all users gave a feedback positive to the product.

Pharmacies – find out how to get Deluron capsules in Italy

Deluron is not available in pharmacies so it can be purchased. You can only buy it from official website of the manufacturer or from the authorized distributor. If you want to get hold of it, enter the site and fill it out the online form with your name and phone number.

You will soon be called by an operator to confirm the order and to specify the delivery address of the product.